Saturday, April 5, 2008

Week of goodbyes. . .

Well, I did it! I've made it to my last week at Shands. Tomorrow I'll be driving up to Gainesville for work for the last time!! (Well, probably not, but it will be the last time for a little while at least!!) And I will have a small goodbye dinner at La Fiesta (yummmm) with my girlies at Shands on Tuesday before I head back to Orlando. I really loved working in the NICU at Shands. I learned so much there and made really great friends who I will miss so much! :'-(

Also tonight is the goodbye party for Alan, a really good friend I met in high school, and Jenn, his wife. They have taken (crazy) jobs in South Korea to teach elementary school kids english. FOR A YEAR!! Yes, they know everyone thinks they are crazy. And, yes, they are going to do it anyway!! I will really miss them and I hate that they are leaving. [BTW, I think it's funny that I just moved back to Orlando and a month later one of our best friends here leaves the country!! What does that say about us!?!] So, lots of goodbyes this week.

The one thing that isn't sad this week is that I'm starting a new job in the interim, while I wait to start working as a practitioner. For those of you who don't know, I have a cousin who just gave birth to 33 week twin boys!! (That's about 2 months early for you obstetrics- challenged folks.) Anyway, they stayed in the NICU for about 2 weeks and then were released home on apnea monitors that have to be attached to them constantly to monitor their breathing and heartrate.

Since I've been so very bored and this job doesn't seem to be starting any sooner, I was looking for something to do with myself. Maybe a job at my mom's office or a friend's work. Part-time. Nothin' big. Well, my mom heard that my cousin was looking for some help with the twins. I called her and we talked and ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom . . . I'm their nanny. She liked that I knew preemies and work with them all the time and understood their issues and could handle whatever came up. I'll be taking care of them at night so she can get some rest. I started last Thursday and it went great. The twins (Aiden and Avery) are adorable!! It's so nice to be working with babies and will be a great way to spend my time waiting to start this new job!

That's it for now! Take care, peeps!

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