Monday, August 4, 2008

I suck . . .

Yes, folks. I officially suck at this blogging thing. I mean, take a look at the evidence:
  1. I haven't posted in 60 days. Exactly. I missed the entire month of July.
  2. I have a friend who is half a world away with a job and a wife who posts almost weekly, has the same number of posts as me but has been blogging two months less, AND when he does post it's freakin' epic-poem long. Seriously. Meanwhile I do my best to pump out a few paragraphs and lately have resorted to puffing up my posts with pics.
  3. No comments. I have had one comment on my blog and it was from another blogger that I think is really an advertisement. I know that I don't exactly shout this thing from the rooftops but seriously. And just goes to prove my life (and blog) are so boring that neither warrant remark.
  4. I think that's it but it seems weird to use this whole "list" feature if the list is only 3 things long. So there.
"So," you ask, "what have you had go on in your life in the last 60 days?" You think surely there must be some interesting stuff to report after 60 days of absence. Um. . . . . not so much.

Okay, in all seriousness, I felt like all I did was come on this thing to vent. Which I also do a lot IRL to my friends, my mom and to Brad (poor guy). I feel like I'm annoying myself with all the complaining so surely I'm annoying those in cyberspace as well. Also, because I'm not in love with my current employment situation, I worry about saying too much in case somehow word gets back to my boss. No need to start shit until absolutely unnecessary. Right? Damn right. So every time I would think to post, all I could think to post was more irate banter about how frustrated, annoyed and sometimes downright PISSED I am with my current, commute, job, boss, situation, etc. All those things are still true but I can't think of anything else to say that everyone around me hasn't already heard about and that won't otherwise risk getting me in trouble if it finds it's way back to my employer. So I guess that's that.

I'm off to eat lunch and to consider what else there has occurred in the last 60 days that was post-worthy.

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  1. I read your blog, and I think you're interesting :)