Monday, November 3, 2008

What a GREAT day!

So we are officially home-owners! I can't believe today is closing day! This past week has been (yet another) week of big changes. And all of them wonderful! Our biggest news is that today we became home-owners! Again! Well, again for me. This is Brad's first time and I think he's thrilled. The only buzzkill is that we won't actually move into our new digs until January sometime. So this whole thing is a little surreal. But we are still stoked!

So I've already posted a link to pictures of the house. But since it's officially sold I'm sure it's only a matter of time before that link is dead. So to commemorate this day, here's a slideshow of pics of our new house:

To be honest, there is so much else going on right now. Lots of new changes on the job front. ALL GOOD, for once. But today all I can think about is our new house. But I'll be sure to post more updates soon!



  1. Congradulations on the new house! I'm extremely happy for you guys. I know you deserve it.

    I'm also thrilled to hear that you are working in neonatal nursing like you had always talked about. Sorry the congrats is so late in coming (couldn't access the internet too much these past 15 months) I knew you would accomplish all of your goals.

  2. Thanks so much. You know we all miss you. Come home soon. :-)