Friday, January 1, 2010

I got approved for the pump!!!!

I don't know how it happened but after starting the process to submit my third appeal to the insurance company earlier this week, I finally got approved yesterday! What a great present for the new year! And it will be pink! How fun! And I couldn't believe it because all this has been going on since April, with each step taking longer than the next. We decided to get the ball rolling again this past Monday (Dec. 28th) and three days later I was approved!! WTF?

I guess they just really didn't want to approve the Omnipod. Because the only thing we changed about this appeal was the pump I was asking for. I decided to go with the Animas Ping and see what happened and, sure enough, it worked!

For me, the big deciding factor was the fact that with the Ping I could control the pump remotely with the meter. As a girl who wears outfits that don't always include pockets, it's a pain to dig out the pump every time I need to bolus. I love this upgrade and it was a big selling factor for the Omnipod as well. I already wasn't a big fan of how bulky the Omnipod was and I think that might have been just as much of a pain as the tubing will be with the Ping. So it's kind of an even trade.

Also, I really liked the Inset infusion set that comes with the Ping. It comes with a built-in insertion device, which I've never used before, but seems kinda handy. Plus, I really like the all-in-one packaging that means I can carry around less crap in my "back-up-supplies" stash. And I don't have to worry about throwing out my sharp because the container closes up to store the needle and can be thrown away like normal. Kerri reviewed the Inset here and pretty much seemed to like the same things about it that I did.

The rep from Animas (who has been uber nice, by the way, all of them have been on the ball and super helpful . . . I mean, they got me my pump in three days!) said I should get my pump in the mail on Monday (Jan. 4th). Then I just need to set up a meeting with the pump educator to get started. The last time I started the pump (way back in 1996) I had to spend the whole day with the educator learning about the pump,how to insert a site, change the cartridge, yada yada yada. Well, I did all that for years so I'm kinda good with all that stuff, so hopefully they won't keep me all day. I just need to learn the Animas software and I'll be set. Either way, I'll deal 'cuz I'm just too happy to complain.

And one of the biggest reasons I'm so happy isn't really the pump. It's the fact that I can do this whole pregnancy thing right. Last year, my Endo strongly recommended that I start the pump before trying to conceive. Well, we were planning on starting in February and I was quickly running out of time. It was such a relief to realize that it all happened in time. I was really happy with MDI's but I know pregnancy is really going to throw my blood sugars for a loop and I think that the pump will really help me stay on top of things!! YAY!!

Happy 2010 to me!


  1. woo hoo! so happy for your "new years" surprise!:) gosh, i never knew SOOO much went into choosing a pump...i'm so glad you can check that one off your list!

  2. yeah Layne!!! So happy for you and Pink to top it off!! Yeah you!!!
    Call me, I miss you! Oh, and go Gators!! :)