Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Beginnings

Well, remember that post back in November when I talked about the new job I was offered? When after enduring 2 months of the credentialing and privileging process, I'm finally able to start! (Credentialing sucked more than I'd like to admit so trust me when I tell you it's long story that you do NOT want to hear.)

So? My first day is tomorrow! Since I will be focusing on learning the unit's routines and getting used to the new place, I will be doing 8-10 hour day shifts. Since it isn't really feasible for me to drive 4 hours round-trip every day, Monday through Friday for 2-3 weeks, I will be staying up in Jacksonville during the week for as long as I'm doing the shorter day shifts.

There are some technical difficulties to this adventure that make me a little nervous. Like what will I eat? I don't want to eat out the whole time I'm there. Besides being expensive, that's a lot of rich food for a whole week and I don't think my blood sugars or my belly will thank me for that. So one thing I've done to make it a little easier on myself is book a hotel with a mini-kitchen. I've got a full size fridge, stove, oven, sink and microwave. I'll take up some pre-cooked meals and groceries that will help me fix dinners and lunches I can take to work with me. I'm sure I'll eat out a couple of times but it's better than everyday twice a day for a whole week!!!

I do hope my blood sugars behave while I'm away especially while I'm on the job! This will be my first time away from home on the pump so that will be a mini-adventure in itself. I have horrible memories as a kid on trips away from home where something broke on my pump that I couldn't get a replacement for or I didn't pack enough supplies or my cartridges would break (they were made of glass back then) or even a bottle of insulin would break. So I'm definitely freaked out. To make myself feel better I'm just going to over-pack. :-)

So tomorrow morning I will be up and on the road by 6am. And as much as I'm nervous and hating the idea of being away from Brad for such long periods of time . . . I am so, so, so excited!! And I have no idea what in the world I will do with myself for the rest of my days while I'm there?!? But I'm excited for the work and determined to make new friends there!



  1. oh, congrats on your official first day! :) i hope tomorrow goes wonderful! :) praying for you as you transition to your new job...i know you'll be awesome!

  2. Thanks girly! I'll need all the prayers I can get!

  3. YAY! It seems to have been quite a long journey to get there, I'm sure you'll do great, Blood Sugars and all!!

    I overpacked all the time when I was first pumping. I even had a whole "kit" in the trunk of my car complete with several back up infusion sets, sticky stuff, alcohol... whatever I could think of.

    I thin it's a good idea anyway when you're still working on getting accustomed or re-accustomed to life with a pump. ;)

  4. congrats!
    are you going to move there?
    I hope it was a good first week/

  5. Thanks Vicki! Not moving there, just commuting. Still loving the job!