Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is ridiculous . . .

Yes, Brad and I want a baby. Yes, Brad and I have know this since last year. Yes, I found out I would have to postpone these plans for a while. And, yes! The postponing is over!

However, I am not "baby crazy". I do not have "baby fever", dammit. It was a term I used once, in jest, to describe myself. Good Lord! Ye s, I want to be a mom but why does Brad have to tease me incessantly about having baby fever? I'm a professional, dammit. A grown adult. I'm rational, intelligent and I'm capable of having lots of things on my mind at once (work, bills, family, friends, etc). And yet he teases me all the time. Tells me the only thing I can of is babies. He even hinted that if I was so baby crazy, maybe I should just swipe one from work? I know there is that joke everyone tells about stealing supplies from your office . . . but c'mon?

Sure, I wonder constantly if I'm pregnant. But I argue that it's not so much baby fever as it is being the most impatient person on the planet. Whether it's pumping gas or waiting in line at the grocery store. . . patience is a virtue that I don't so much posses. Sure, I constantly interrogate him about about names, colors, if he's excited, will he still love me when I'm fat, etc, etc, etc. But someone has to say these things! And I'm the talker in this thing! If it were all up to him, we wouldn't talk about it 'til the kid actually popped out!

This is love, folks. Welcome to it. We're happy, we're still so in love and have a great time together. We make each other laugh all the time and every day I'm more and more convinced that I'm with the best guy on the planet. And we are trying to plan a family here! And amongst it all my husband has to go and be a 5-year-old. He even accused me of only wanting him for his sperm.

You're very funny, honey.



  1. That's VERY cute! I've never been a 'baby fever' person either. There have been times where I miss being pregnant (feeling the baby kick) and would like another, but - no real 'baby fever.' I'm happy for you guys! Babies are such a fun adventure!!!

  2. I love, love, love that this post happened to go up on the day I became a mom. Goooooo Baby Fever!!!!