Thursday, May 6, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week

So Karen over at Bitter-Sweet recently had a brilliant idea. And as a result, he has organized the DOC (rallied, really) into participating in the first annual Diabetes Blog Week. (I say annual becuase I hope it will become an annual thing, but nothing is official yet. ;-)) If you are wondering what D-Blog Week is all about, think mini NaBloPoMo with assigned topics.

I'm so excited about this! I loved NaBloPoMo and the idea of doing the same thing (for a shorter period) along with all of the DOC sounds awesome! And the best part is, Karen has already assigned the daily topics. No having to wonder what to blog about! So see you (a lot) next week!



  1. Thanks for the Diabetes Blog Week shout out!! I did kind of have thoughts of making it annual when I first thought of it - but honestly, I wasn't even sure anyone would sign up for just one!! But as of today, we have 71 blogs participating (and I am so bowled over by that). So yeah, I'm thinking we'll have to do it again next year. :)

  2. Karen - YAY for going annual! I'll even sign up early; count me in for next year!!! :-D