Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So even with all my good intentions unfortunately there won't be a real post for a while. Why? Because just recently my laptop decided to die. I'm going to contact Dell since we just got it last summer and it's still under warranty. Hopefully it's fixable because all of Katie's pics are on there! Worst case scenario, we'll have to ghost the hard drive to get all our info off it. But what a PAIN!!!

In the mean time, without my laptop it feels like I'm missing a limb. All my documents are on there . . . my budget spreadsheet (don't laugh, I know I'm a nerd), our pictures, my documents for work, my mock-ups for her birth announcements (again, don't laugh), etc. I feel like all my "to do's" are on hold. Including blogging . . . since what self-respecting new-mom blogger with a 10-week-old could stand to write a real post without pictures (especially her monthly milestones posts)?!?

So it may be longer than expected before the next post. Sorry! So to hold you over, here are a couple of pics of Katie that are stored on Brad's computer.


Katie, about 5 days old, after her first bath at home . . a little dazed. ;-D

Skip to 3 weeks old and a pic of our girl sleeping. ::sigh::
I had just gotten my new camera and we spent some time playing with it!
It took a couple more weeks to get the hang of it but the pics were still great from day one.

And finally two of the professional pics we had taken of Katie as a "newborn."
She was actually 3 weeks old.