Sunday, March 20, 2011

Girls' Day Out

I promise that this is my last cop out post! :-) My computer just got fixed so I FINALLY have access to all my stuff again. Turned out my memory was fried but since it was under warranty Dell replaced it for free and even had the technician come out to my house to fix it! Whew . . close call!

But for now I thought I'd post a pic from Katie's first girls day out. One of my girlfriends just got married last weekend (YAY!) and had her bridal shower at the end of January. Since Katie wasn't even a month old and is a breastfeeder, I wasn't excited about leaving her at home all afternoon for the first time. So I got up the nerve to ask my girlfriend if she would mind if I brought her to the shower and she was super sweet and said of course not.

So, being the slacker that I am, up to that point I had not dressed her in a "real outfit." We would just put her in a cute onesie and maybe add some socks. I couldn't figure out why we should go to all that trouble when we were just chilling out at home. So instead I chose easy access (snap at the crotch onesies are the best, btw), comfortable no-muss, no-fuss outfits.

BUT this was her first party! And that was a different story. So of course I had to dress her up! And I was so excited. I knew exactly what I wanted her to wear. It was an adorable outfit I saw pretty early on in my pregnancy. Right away it stood out to me and I loved it. The thing I loved so much was that it was a cute, girly dress without being overrun with pink. I don't have a problem with pink but it seems like there is a rule somewhere that baby girl clothing must contain pink somewhere!?!? WTF? So I mentioned it to my mom and, of course, she ran out and bought it. I'm SO GLAD that we had it and got a chance to show Katie off in it. And being the obsessive picture-taking fool that I am, I made sure to document this adorable outfit for posterity!

Adorable! And one of the best parts? Her matching blue "Mary Jane" socks!! I have a set of these in six (!?!) colors. They are also a gift from Nana (my mom) and I love them. They are always a hit with everyone who sees them.

FYI: Yes, this is a picture from January and no, we are not crazy-cruel parents allowing our daughter out in the cold with bare legs. We live in Florida and it was in the high 70s that day so she got to wear her dress sans leggings.

Please, excuse my husband, her modeling "coach." She had just been bathed, fed and dressed and, as a result, was a little bit of a limp noodle. ;-)

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  1. OMG THIS is so cute! PS - I have the exact same OUTFIT!!! It's my fav!!!!