Sunday, February 24, 2008

Long time, no blog. . .

So I've been a lazy blogger lately but I've been studying my little butt off! And the good news is on Friday I passed my nurse practitioner boards!! I'm official. It's just one more step to starting my new job which I can't WAIT to do!!

So now I'm moving on to, well, the big move. We should have spent this entire weekend packing but we ended up getting a late start. Brad is currently whining because I'm taking a minute to blog my life-changing experience (passing my boards) while he cleans out the office. Oh well. He'll get over it. I'm not looking forward to the move or the packing but I'm really excited to be in Orlando with Brad, even though he can be a royal PITA! ;-)

In other awesome news, WE HAVE A CONTRACT ON THE HOUSE!! I actually found out that we had an offer Friday after passing my boards, talk about a great day!! Anyway, we were thinking of counter-offering but the offer was pretty decent and we just wanted to be done with the stress and worry. The best news is that we close in late March!! I can't believe that we are closing so early that we only have to pay double rent for 1 month!!

Everything is really working out so well for Brad and I, I really feel blessed. Some may call it luck, but we have both gone through a lot, paid our dues and worked really hard to get were we are right now. I do have to say, though, that sometimes I feel like Someone is really looking over us. :-)


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