Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Studying sucks

Well, we officially have a move-in date. We are moving to Orlando on March 1. I'm very excited and have tried everything to move the date up but it's just not going to happen. I just keep telling myself, "Patience is a virtue." I guess it's just one that I don't possess!!

I'll be taking my NCC exam (the certification exam that I take to get my nurse practitioner license) on February 22nd. That's really all I can see right now in the future. It's just looming ahead of me. Honestly, it's weird to think that I'll be moving to Orlando in only 3 1/2 weeks because that means that I'll be taking my exam even sooner than that! Ugh. No pressure. I'm really trying to be good about studying but it's so daunting and so much material. I will be so happy when it's over . . . well, I should really say that I'll be happy if I pass! Wish me luck!


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