Friday, January 23, 2009

Diabetes Police

Alright, I found this video last night and felt compelled to share it. It's a look at the dreaded, the annoying "diabetes police." For all you diabetics out there, "hollah!" I know you know exactly what I'm talking about and can relate. And for all of you who know me in real life, please remember, I love you anyway. ;-) I used to think that this stuff and these "people" only happened to me. But after 18 years of different people all asking the same questions and making the same comments, I kinda figured it was just how people are. I mean seriously, how many times am I going to hear the phrase "Should you be eating that?" Or even better "You can't eat that!!" Sure enough, it's so common that diabetics at large even have a nickname for these "people!"

And it's so true. Who knows why complete strangers not only think that they know more about you and a disease that they don't actually have than you do and also feel ballsy enough to tell it to you to your face!?! It's incredible. And it might actually be funny if it didn't happen on a day when you were already killing yourself to keep your sugars in check, but it always does. Again, it's just how the universe works. It's right then that someone has the nerve to come up to you and act like they know better. Even friends and family are guilty of this. And, to some extent, I appreciate it. It lets me know that they care. A simple "Are you alright? You're acting funny"*. . or "You're pale, do you need to test" really goes a long way and tells me you are looking out for me. Even a "Hey Layne, have you tested/taken your insulin" is totally cool. Where it starts to cross the line from caring to frustrating is once I've tested and said I'm fine or indicate that I know what I'm doing and have a plan** and the other person doesn't drop it. Or even worse, they start the lecture.

Anyway, this video is very cathartic and had me laughing and picturing the people I would put in different categories. Friends and family: I love you and appreciate everything you do for me. Most of you have never crossed the line or if you have, it's no big deal. But if you see a little bit of yourself as a "diabetes police" ::cough:: MOM! ::cough:: just listen to the advice at the end of the video.


*Yeah, that's just me. :-)

**Yes, as a diabetic I plan for meals, occassions, etc in order to allow myself to do things that I don't always do safely and with my bloodsugars in mind. But I don't really feel like going into what I ate/did/will do and all the other details of the plan. Just know, I've been doing this for a long damn time. . . I've got it covered.

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