Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bad site

Ok, so I don't have time for an in-depth, thought-provoking post this week because . . . I'm in Cleveland, Ohio! For my brother's wedding! I'm so excited to be here for him. Since I'm in Florida and he's in Ohio, we don't get to see each other much (couple times a year) so not only am I super stoked to just be spending time with him, it's that much better that it's on such a happy occasion!

Plus, today happens to be Brad and my anniversary. Four years married today! Make that four great years. So we are taking it easy today and just having fun together. We're visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during the day. Tonight we'll be going to an uber fancy dinner at a restaurant that is built into the side of a cliff that overlooks Lake Erie. (It's actually a recommendation from Adam, my bro, and it's where he proposed to Lacey, my future sis-in-law. It looked too cool to pass up!)

After today, we will officially be in wedding mode for the rest of the weekend. So I won't have any time to post. But I'll be seeing you next week when I'm back in sunny Florida! And I'll have some exciting news to share!

So, I'll leave you with a quick (gross) pic that exemplifies why two things drive me crazy: 1) pump sites on my back and 2) trying clothes on. I took it last week after a grissly find on my part. (Squeamish beware: blood ahead!)

I was in a store the other day trying clothes on and that meant that my site was taking a mega-beating. Pants on. Pants off. Shirt on. Shirt off. Up. Down. Wiggle. Etc. . . I usually disconnect my pump because, knowing me, I'm bound to rip it off. I tend to get tangled in my tubing (embarrassingly easily) and if I'm not careful before I rip my jeans off, my pump and site go with them!! But even when I disconnect, the site itself still inevitably gets snagged, bumped and generally beaten. My site being in the back tends to make it worse since I can't see it or avoid it easily.

Anyway, after going to the store and trying a bunch of clothes on, I ran some more errands and came home. I could tell that I was high (had to pee, felt dehydrated and just generally yucky). I tested and sure enough, I was high. So my rervoir was close to empty so I just decided to do a whole set change. As soon as I felt my site (which was in my flank) I could tell it was wet. Ah HA!! I figured it was leaking insulin. NOPE! It was blood. Ewwwww!

I ripped it out and changed everything, which I was planning to do anyway, but it sucked that I probably would have noticed the bad site hours earlier if it had been in the front. AND it probably only happened because I roughed myself up in the fitting room.

Am I the only diabetic girl uncoordinated enough to not be able to try on clothes without inflicting personal damage? ::sigh::



  1. Just noticed you use an Animas pump. Could you tell me how you find it, in terms of navigating around the menus and doing things like bolusing, adjusting basal rates, entering ratios etc? I'm not pumping at the moment (I'm from the UK, haven't been approved financially for a pump) and whilst I'm taken on the idea of a Medtronic Veo, I'm also curious about the Animas pumps.

  2. First of all- Happy Anniversary!! Very exciting!

    Second...I'm excited to hear about your big news!

    Third- yes, I've done uber damage trying on clothes- it's never fun!

    I'm from around the Cleveland area- that's where I grew up as a kid (Akron), and I loved enjoy it up North and have fun at the wedding!

  3. EEEEEEW! No, you're not the only unco diabetic girl, trust me :) It's just you're more coordinated than me coz I wouldn't even TRY using my back for a site - I'd stuff it up!!!

    Happy Ohio-ing! :)

  4. Three things:

    a) Happy anniversary!

    b) I ALWAYS have to take my pump off when I'm shopping. Pain in the butt.

    c) I love that you used the word "flank." That's an underused term!

  5. Happy anniversary! :)

    I'm not a pumper so I've never had that happen. I only have to deal with mussed-up hair! :P

  6. Siobhan - I love my Animas. As far as the interface, I find it super easy, user-friendly and honestly pretty self-explanatory. After a 2-hour learning session with the rep I was comfortable doing everything on my own from that point forward. That was back in January and I haven't run into any issues with the pump and haven't looked back since.

    For me, the remote meter makes all the difference in the world. I love being able to do (almost) everything from my meter and not having to dig my pump out of wherever it's stashed. I also love the inset infusion sets. Super stable and sturdy and I love that everything comes in one (tiny) package. And to do a whole set change I only need two tiny packages, an IV prep wipe and a vial of insulin. I love how convenient that is!

    Hope that helps! If you have anymore specific questions, feel free to email me at

    Brigdon - That's so funny that you are from there! We flew in and out of Akron (much cheaper than Cleveland). We had a blast but it's nice to be home again!

    Thanks for the anniversary wishes, everyone! We had a great one and an AMAZING dinner! And Jacquie, so glad I could entertain! ;-) I also like the term "flank" but I worry that either people won't know where I'm referring to or that I'm talking about steak! :-D