Thursday, June 10, 2010


Ok, so since D-Blog week I've been a total bum about updating. I've still been reading my blogroll like a fiend and commenting but I just haven't had the energy to finish a post! We've been pretty busy lately and life's been crazy and I've been sick and, oh yeah! In the middle of all that I turned another year older.


That's right folks, I'm 28. Just kissing 30. Thirty? 3. 0. Wow. Weird. I feel like I need to keep saying it so that I'll be used to it by the time it actually happens. On a brighter note, Brad will, in 19 days, actually BE 30! Holy freakin' crap, I'm married to an old man! ;-) And nothing makes me feel younger than reminding him of his impending doom. Daily.

Alright, I have a couple of unfinished posts backlogged . . . (I told you, I'm such a total slacker) . . so I'll be working on those and trying to post more. A couple of fun new things I wanted to post about on the diabetes front (because even when they are medical, new gadgets are fun, dammit!) Maybe I'll even post again today!

Or maybe tomorrow.



  1. Happy birthday! I hope you ate lots of cake nom nom nom :D

  2. It must be the heat. It's too freaking hot to post, right?

  3. Kaitake - I actually did have some delicious cupcakes!

    Jacquie - TRUE STORY! My car said it was 102 outside today. Ugh. Shoot me!

  4. Happy, happy birthday!! :) (and almost b'day to Brad ;) ). Cupcakes - YUMMMMMMMMM! :)

    I feel a bit blogged out too, to be truthful. I loved DBW and it worked wonders for learning about other blog(gers) out there, but it fried me. I kinda feel like I've run out of diabetic stuff to talk about that isn't a bleat about sugars :)

    And on that note, again - happy, happy birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday!!! 30 . . . oh I wish I was getting ready to turn 30. On the up-side, I married a YOUNGER man - so I like to pretend he keeps me young. :)

    I've missed seeing your posts, but I know how the blog mojo can go missing. I haven't posted to my knitting blog since early May. Yikes!! Hope your blog mojo comes back soon!