Monday, August 23, 2010


Several weeks ago Kerri over at Six Until Me had a post talking about meter accuracy and she linked to a Magic 8 Ball site. This was just a neat little website where you type in a question and the simulated Magic 8 Ball shows you your answer. I was amused, so I decided to play.

I was pregnant, so I wanted to ask the Magic 8 Ball something about the baby or the pregnancy. The worry-wart in me wanted to ask something like "Is the baby healthy?" or "Will the baby be ok?" But the realist in me knew that it would upset me if the stupid thing gave me "bad news" and that I should ask a more benign question where I didn't care what the answer was.

And this is what I asked:

Bizarre, huh? At this point, Brad and I had both talked about it and we were both feeling "girl" but also knew that we were full of it and, in reality, we had no clue. But when I got this answer, I immediately snapped a screenshot and sent the pic to Brad. We got a laugh out of it and 6 weeks later it turns out the Magic 8 Ball was right!!

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction! ;-)


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  1. haha!! I love it!! Good point on asking it a question you didn't care about...I would be pissed off too- even if it was just a magic eight ball!!