Saturday, December 26, 2009

Where is the dog?

It has been unseasonably. . well, not unseasonably, but definitely unusually . . . cold here in Florida this week. Raina has been enjoying some relaxing lap time with us and we have broken out the much-hated (by Brad) dog sweaters. Raina actually likes them because she really does get cold very easily and they really do help. And I just think they are too darn cute! All this lap time is much less exciting for her than her usual window-jumping, barking, mad-dash adventures but does provide some much needed warmth for her skinny, little, close-to-the-ground body.

Well, a few days ago I decided that it had been a while since I had seen Raina around. No barking at the window, no lap time and no familiar tap-tap-tapping of her little claws on the wood floor. So, like the nervous "mother" I am, I decided to try to find her and make sure that she was not only okay, but also had not gotten into any trouble since I had last spotted her.

First, her living room bed. . . nope.Then, her office bed. . . nope.
Then, her crate in our bedroom . . . again, nothing!
And, yes, she really does have that many beds! I called and called but she didn't come. One last room to check, the guest bedroom. But surely she wouldn't be in there. .
Wait a minute . . . ?
That little shit!
Ugh! But she's just so stinkin' cute! ;-)
She's really not supposed to do this. The guest bed is the only bed in the house that is low enough for her to be able to climb on unassisted. Every so often she'll decide that burrowing under the pillows sounds like a really great idea! It's been a while since she's done it but I guess the cold weather just got to her. . . so much so that her "Santa's Helper" sweater just wasn't doing the trick.

But, like I said . . . she's just too freaking cute! And we end up in a puddle of giggles rather than punishing her like we should. Oh well.

Spoiled dog.


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