Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eye Doc

So yesterday I visited my Ophthalmologist. This is my LEAST favorite doctor's appointment of the year. Yes, even worse than the OB/GYN. Not because I don't like people touching my eyes. I know that's a pretty common thing for most people but I've never been particularly squeamish about my eyes. (On the other hand, my husband won't let me near HIS eyes with a 10-foot pole, but that's another post!)

Nope. For me, I hate the Ophtho becuase it's bound to be the longest doctor's appointment of the year. (And I see a lot of doctors!) I'll say it again, I'm the most impatient person on the planet. And, for some reason, those stupid retinopathy exams take FOREVER! The waiting rooms are the most crowded of any doctor I go to, it takes forever to get called back and then once you are actually in a room, they take a quick look at you, dilate your eyes and send you right back out to wait again!! Grrr. This is my kryptonite. . . .

I always bring a book (because I'm always reading something and because I hate sitting in a waiting room bored with nothing to do) but have you ever noticed that when you get your eyes dilated you lose your nearsightedness? As in the ability to read?!? So when the nurse comes to get me for the last part of the exam, I've heard more than one make a comment that goes something like "wow, are you actually trying to read?" Yes, I am the only doofus in that dark room, with their eyes dilated, that is trying their damnedest to read a book. Because I don't have the patience of a 3-year-old and therefore do not know how to just sit down, put my hands in my lap, relax and wait until I'm called for.

Now that I'm done kvetching about going to the doctor, I must say that I have good news! Once again, I feel very lucky to report that the Ophthamologist says my eyes look not just good, but great! I kept asking as he was doing the exam, "do they look ok?" And he would reply "they look great!" I wasn't expecting much more than a "fine" or a "good" but he kept repeating how great my eyes looked! Maybe it's silly of me, but I consider that a small triumph! But because I'm pregnant he does want to see me once a trimester (or every 3 months) instead of the normal once a year.

This was one appointment I was worried about and actually scheduled a little early this year because I wanted to be proactive. I have read and heard of ladies with diabetes who either had retinopathy or developed a little bit during pregnancy who were not given the option of giving birth vaginally. This is something that is very important to me. There are a lot of things during pregnancy and delivery that is out of anyone's hands (including mine), but I didn't want to go into the whole thing with only one option. So the news from this appointment comes as a big relief. I just pray that my eyes continue to stay healthy during the pregnancy!

Other than that, no big news on the pregnancy front except that as of tomorrow I'm officially in my 2nd trimester! I'll be 13 weeks and I'm feeling a lot better overall. My two biggest symptoms seem to still be headaches and tiredness, but hopefully that will pass soon. I also told a bunch of people at work yesterday and they were so sweet and SUPER supportive. My boss was also so sweet and kept saying don't worry about anything, whatever is best for me and the baby is what we'll do. Seriously, I love my job!



  1. Yay 2nd trimester!! That's wonderful. So, nice to see that your work was supportive! Must be a relief! And glad the eyes are looking good too. I hate the eye doc too - it's the worst!

  2. This is great news! Congrats on a great appointment. I'm happy to hear that you also want to deliver vaginally- this is something that is important to me too...and I've read stories that are less than pleasant about "what you must do." Of course, I'd do anything for safety reasons, but it's nice to see I'm not the only one who really really WANTS that experience!

  3. I miss everything! You're pregnant?! Hooray!

    I always try to read as long as possible when I'm waiting for my eyes to dilate. It's almost like a game.

  4. Congratulations! On the great eye doc exam and the bun in the oven! It is hard but it's worth it. I have a three year old now and he's sooo wonderful. It was a rollercoaster of a pregnancy but I was able to maintainn A1Cs of 5.6 - 6.1 and had a natural delivery and Noah had no complications of any kind - PRAISE GOD!

    So it is doable... hard, but doable. I am trying to hang in there and use sensors as much as we can (financially and emotionally - they're not fun to insert... and they fail often... but it's great for the alerts!). You are doing great chicky! I totally teared up reading your post about the morning you guys found out! LOVE IT!

    I am looking forward to "following" your pregnancy. Just know and expect that Mrs. Placenta will hate you ;) More and more as it realizes you are the real mom and it's just a "surrogate" hehe. Okay that took it too far. LOL. Hope you have a great day.

  5. PS The above comment was from me. Sorry I was logged on with a different Google account. :)

  6. That's FANTASTIC news on the eye front. I'm not the most patient with those appointments either. Yay for 'clean' eyes :) :) and the second trimester!!!

  7. Ahhhh!! You are pregnant!! Kate has kept me so busy I've hardley been able to keep up with all of my diabetes friends! Oh congratulations a hundred times over! I am SO excited for you... yep, may have even teared up a little :)

    Yay! (and I've miss ya! Time to get back to blogging!)