Thursday, July 29, 2010

A1C Update!

I had my labs drawn last week and they included an A1C. I was kinda nervous to get the result because, for once, it's more than just MY health on the line here. Pre-pregnancy I generally hung around the mid-6's. When I was on the stressed side, that number might climb to the high 6's and a couple years back (when I was dealing with the job from hell) I even spiked up to 7.1.

(Sidenote: I'm not saying this to brag or to invite criticism. Everyone's A1C is different and I just want to establish my personal baseline. I am proud of the control that I have but have no desire to judge or be judged by others. /rant.)

I have never had my A1C start with the magical number 5. It's been a personal goal of mine, especially since starting to buckle down for a pregnancy. But, alas, it has eluded me. The best I could do pre-pregnancy was very low 6's and my last A1C before conceiving was 6.1.

But this week, I got a call from my endo's nurse. She knew I had labs drawn and I had asked if she could call when she got the results. So she called while I was at work and told me that my A1C was 5.8!?! She was shocked and said that was amazing. I was super happy. Although I must admit, with all the lows I've been having not only can I not claim all the credit but I was also a little surprised it wasn't lower. (More on those lows later!)

I've never had an A1C that started with a 5. For me, that's a huge accomplishment. One that I would have preferred happen pre-pregnancy but I'll take what I can get! I know all these lows aren't great for me but it's the highs that really hurt the baby. So I'm so happy that s/he is safe and sound in there for now. Now, the pressure's on to keep it up for the duration of the pregnancy!! I know any week now this wave of insulin sensitivity I've been riding for weeks will drop and the resistance that you hear about in pregnancy will kick in. So I've been checking my blood sugar like a fiend to stay on top of everything. Not much time for celebrating!

But for a little while, at least, I'm going to bask in the glow of my pretty numbers. They make me happy and keep my baby safe. The big D doesn't give us much to be happy about and I'll take whatever I can get! So I'm not too proud to say that I'll be taking some time to pat myself on the back for a job well done. ;-)



  1. A well deserved pat on the back!! That's fantastic, a shows how hard you've been working! Enjoy the feeling! :)

  2. Yay! That's wonderful news....congratulations! My goal is to get a 5 first as well!

  3. Yayyyy! That is great! Wow. That puts my 5.9 to shame! Good for you ;) Great for baby!

    Go mama, go mama, go!

  4. Awesome news!! You SHOULD give yourself a pat on the back. I remember that even though my A1C was pretty awesome during my pregnancy (diaper changes and midnight feedings have deleted my memory so I can't even remember what they were, which is insane!!) but I always though they should be better, so take the time to feel good about your hard work, know that you are doing GREAT and know your little one is just happy and healthy as can be in there... now that's reward enough :)

  5. Congratulations! That must have been such a relief -- even with all the lows in your life to give you a little preview.

    So excited to be following along on your baby journey.

  6. Yay! How's this for a weird coincidence - I'm 34 wks. pregnant now, but my 1st a1c while pregnant (taken the same time as my HCG level, which i had done because i was getting faint positives on the dollar store tests but wasn't convinced it was for real, lol)was 6.1, and then it dropped to 5.8 a couple of weeks later - so we're twins :)
    My next one was 5.2, that was somewhere in the 2nd tri before resistance you have another low a1c to look forward to, hopefully :)
    And even once the resistance hits, it's different for everyone (as with all else D, lol) but for me at least, it wasn't as bad as i'd anticipated...more gradual than sudden and mostly involved upping my basals, my carb ratios didn't really change, except for my breakfast ratio...
    good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  7. Rebecca - HAH! I'm only wishing I can manage a 5.9 in my 3rd trimester! You rock!

    MissFrizz - That's so funny! I can't wait until I'm at the point that you are in your pregnancy. And I hope along the way MY A1C hits 5.2 too! ;-)

  8. Awesome A1C! Pregnancy definitely is motivation. I was the same way. I've only ever had A1Cs in the 5 range when I was pregnant, since then it's in the 6 range, or low 7. Keep up the good work!