Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Big changes, big week. . .

Alright so last week I thought I had everything together. I had convinced myself that it would just take a while to sell the house (how perceptive of me, especially since it had been listed since October with NO inquiries!!) and that there were just no NNP jobs in the Central Florida area and I would just have to be an RN in Orlando until something opened up. I had convinced myself of all these things and forced myself to be at peace with them. And I was so on the ball that I had an interview in Orlando last Friday and while I was there I was planning on signing a lease for an apartment so I could finally join Brad there.

Then Thursday happened. That's Thursday January 10th. From before I had even woken up that day I got a phone call from Pediatrix. They wanted to remind me of a position in Melbourne at a Level 2 NICU. I had heard about this position before but completely dismissed it because I didn't want to live or commute that far away (60-90 minutes) and I thought I had plenty of viable opportunities in Orlando. I was about to dismiss it again when the recruiter started talking about the unit and how much they need someone and what harm can it do to check it out? I told her I would like more info before I committed to anything.

After I hung up, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I mean, here is a practitioner position that they are offering up and I really didn't want to be interested. I mean where would we live? Could I deal with that commute? Did I want a Level 2 position? I had always told myself, NO, I would not take a position in a Level 2 right out of school, I had too much to learn and I wanted to be in a higher acuity environment. But I also said I wanted an NNP job, sooner rather than later. And wasn't it more valuable to be a practitioner somewhere, anywhere, rather than an RN?? All of these questions were swirling around in my head and I wanted to scream because 20 minutes before my life had been planned. I knew what I was doing and I wanted to stay the course, damn it! And everything was supposed to be set in place the very next day!! I considered it, got some advice and, in the end, decided that this opportunity was just too valuable to ignore.

I decided to go ahead with the interview on Friday for the RN position. I also decided to look at a few of the original apartments we'd had in mind and a few on the side of town we would live on if I got the job in Melbourne. That day was crazy, from dusk 'til dawn, I ran. Here's a timeline for how the events played out:

7:30am - Wake up, shower, dress.

9:00am - As I'm on my way out the door, I get a call from the medical director of Pediatrix who wants to talk with me about the NNP position. I get a few questions answered and he says that the attending for that unit (the one who will be considering for the position) will give me a call within the next 24-28 hours.

11:00am - I sit down with Wanda, the nurse manager for the NICU at Florida Hospital. She says she's spoken with some people who know me and who have spoken to me and doesn't really have any questions for me. She then procedes to pick up the phone and call HR in order to get paperwork ready for me to start work there. WHOA!! So basically I'm hired?, I ask. Yes. I told her thank you but could I have some time to think about it since, of course, I wanted to keep myself available for the NNP position.

12:00pm - My mom and I meet up for lunch at PF Changs. YUM.

1:00pm - We head out to look at apartments on the Lake Nona side of town, closest to Melbourne. On our way a realtor calls and says her clients want to see our place!! The very next day!! And they are very interested!! I was so glad that finally we were getting some interest.

4:00pm - We saw two places in Lake Nona but were running out of time so we decided to head back to the north side of town. On our way, Dr. Vellette (the attending for the Melbourne NICU) calls me and we talk for over an hour. He tells me a lot about the position and all of it is good news. They take vented patients, as an NNP I would go to admissions, etc. All good news. Basically, they aren't just a glorified nursery, I will get some actual experience there. And he wants to meet me!! So I scheduled a meeting for Wednesday, January 16th. I was so excited!

6pm - Brad had met up with us and we saw only 2 more apartments before all the offices had to close. We stopped and got coffee, dropped in to Brad's parents to say hi to them and Megan and Micheal (cousins who were visiting) and hit the road by 7:30pm.

9:30pm - Brad and I finally get home. We still haven't eaten dinner. It had been such a long day. I can't believe how much had changed in just over 24 hours. I felt like my head was spinning. But I did leave Orlando with an interview for an NNP position, not to mention an RN position waiting for me in a great unit if that doesn't work out. We also have our first bites on the house for sale. Unfortunately we did leave Orlando without an apartment. We can't very well decide were we'll live until I know what city I'll be working in.

So tomorrow, hopefully, is the day I'll know where I'm working. I'm so excited and I just want it to be here. At first I just wanted to cry that all this stuff was messing up plans I had worked so hard to make and be at peace with but now I believe it was a blessing in disguise. We can always go back to Plan A if this doesn't work out but I just can't be sorry for pursuing the job I want as an NNP. Even if it isn't the perfect job, I'll still be a practitioner and that's exciting! And the apartments on that side of town are beautiful even if they aren't close to loved ones, they are much closer than we are now! I think this would be okay for us in Orlando, and not the misery that I was envisioning, if it works out. I should know one way or another soon. Until then, pray for me and wish me luck!


Fall on real life
Is anybody left there sane?
If we slide on over and accept fate
Then it's bound to be a powerful thing
- Matchbox Twenty, "Black and White People"

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