Friday, January 4, 2008

So much time, so little to do . .

So Brad has been away for 2 days and it's killing me. I feel like such a wimp but I miss him like crazy. This house feels very empty. I've been really trying to focus on job-hunting and studying. But I've also been spending TONS of time looking for an apartment for Brad and I in Orlando. It's a little overwhelming. And, in case anyone hasn't noticed, Orlando is a tad bigger than Gainesville.

Anyway, since I've been a bit of a hermit since the holidays, I don't have much to report. So I though I'd share some holiday pics! Enjoy!

This is a picture from a fancy banquet that my mom and I went to right before Christmas. She was celebrating her 35th anniversary with Disney! I'm so proud of her and I had so much fun with her!

The very next day after the Disney banquet I headed back to Gainesville for GRADUATION!! (see above)

Finally, Brad and I took pictures with our lovely dog, Raina, for our Christmas cards. Here is a pic from that session!

Hopefully, I'll have more to report soon! Take care!


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