Thursday, January 10, 2008

I finally feel productive!!

Okay, so last week I wallowed and felt sorry for myself. A lot! This week I felt much more motivated and decided to kick myself into high gear. So I have toiled and researched over apartments in Orlando. I started out with 23 and narrowed the list down to 7. I'll be driving down to Orlando this Friday to check them out!! I can't believe we may be moving into a new place soon!! Most of them are pretty far away from Brad's job and pretty close to the suburbs where we grew up. I know some people think we are nuts for living so far away from our jobs. But, honestly, if I have to decide on an apartment super-fast, I feel way more comfortable picking one in an area I'm familiar with. I mean, I've never really been around the Doctor Phillips area (this is where Brad works) and I have no idea which places are nice or safe or convenient. And it's just an apartment. We can always spend the next year looking for a house that would give us a better commute. But for a year, we'll just suck it up.

Also, I got a call this week from Winnie Palmer Hospital that they want to interview me! I'm pretty sure it's for an RN position rather than a practitioner position but at this point, I'll take anything! The problem is, I've spoken with both facilities, and I kinda get a better vibe from Florida Hospital. A much better vibe. Unfortunately, I've been told multiple times that they have no openings, for practitioners or RNs!! So I decided to call the manager and ask her directly. Well, we had met before and she remembered me!! She scheduled me for an interview on the spot!! So Friday, when I go to Orlando to look at apartments, I will be interviewing for an RN position in the NICU at Florida Hospital also!!

It's so hard to believe this is all happening. I've gotten so used to living in Gainesville and wanting to come back to Orlando but knowing that it was a long way off. And it's really weird that it's actually finally happening. I'm trying hard not to get bogged down in the fact that I won't be moving to the job I want, which in all honesty, is depressing. But I'll be so happy to be close to my family and old friends again. Not to mention living in the same city as Brad! That's always a plus! Well, I'm really anxious for Friday to just get here already! I feel very pent up. But I will be sure to keep everyone updated on how everything goes down.

Wish me luck! Hopefully by the end of the day on Friday I'll be heading back to Gainesville with my husband, a job and a new apartment. How great would that be!!


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