Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Soo Slloowwww. . . .

I have started to suck at updating this thing but I'm trying to do better. The good news is that I got that job in Melbourne! YAY!! I actually get to be a nurse practitioner! The interview went well, and everyone seemed to like me and I like them too! The commute is a bummer (about an hour away). But it won't be 5 days a week, so that's good.

I'm just frustrated because it seems like my life is moving in slow motion. I was so pumped last week at the idea of my first job at a practitioner and moving to Orlando. But the bad news is I still have to take my certification exam and get credentialed, which takes forever. And you should see this application they are having me fill out. It's like 20 pages long and wants me to sumbit everything but my first born. I thought the application would be the easy part. Umm, no. At this rate, who knows when my start date will be?? It just feels kinda anti-climactic.

And I feel so unmotivated to study for this stupid exam. Exhibit A: I'm sitting here typing this as opposed to being off somewhere with my nose in a book. Oh well. My test date is February 22nd, so I have a little while now. Wish me luck!


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