Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year in Review Meme: 2008

While I'm usually not that into memes there is a meme out there right now that I find interesting. It's a "Year in Review" meme for bloggers and I think it's an interesting way to sum up the year. So I'm getting in line with the lemmings and hopping aboard the meme train. :-)

Here's how it works: Jot down the first line of a definitive or memorable post from each month in 2008. I don't think my first-liners are all that great and probably don't really reflect my entire post since I tend to ramble and wander from subject to subject. So, to give things more context, sometimes I broke the rules and included more than just the first sentence. There were some months were a bunch of big stuff happened but I just picked the post with the best first-liner. There were other months where the most significant post didn't have the greatest first line but since the post was particularly meaningful to me, I included it anyway. It was pretty amazing to read over everything that has happened over the last year. I knew that there had been a lot of changes in my life and that I had gone through some intense stuff but there's just something about reading my thoughts in those moments. It's almost like reliving a piece of the past.

January: Big Changes, Big Week
"Alright so last week I thought I had everything together. . ."

February: Moving Day
"I absolutely cannot believe that we are actually moving [to Orlando]!!"

March: I'm Official
"To all who care: it's official!!! I'm an ARNP!!!"

April: Week Of Goodbyes
"Well, I did it! I've made it to my last week at Shands. Tomorrow I'll be driving up to Gainesville for work for the last time!!"

May: Cruisin
"Well, it's about that time. Tomorrow we leave for the port in Miami and by dinnertime we'll be setting sail on our first cruise!!"

June: Back to the grind
"Well, I've been back at it for a little over a week now. The cruise was fun but mostly just nice to get away from everything for a little while."

July: N/A
Cuz' I'm a dork and didn't post in July. ;-)

August: Truly. Wretched. Night.
"Well, last Tuesday (August 5th) started out like any other day. But by the end of my shift on Wednesday morning, it would go down in history as 'Hell Day.'"

September: We got a house!!
"So, yeah, after my truly wretched night, I haven't really been in a blogging kinda mood. But actually it's been an eventful month."

October: Life and Death (a very personal, profound post for me and hard to re-read)
"Yeah, so as much as this particular job stinks, my job in general is pretty cool. I mean, I save babies. How much more noble can you get than that really?"

November: What a GREAT day!
"So we are officially home-owners! I can't believe today is closing day! This past week has been (yet another) week of big changes. And all of them wonderful!"

World Diabetes Day
(I just couldn't leave this one out.)
"Well, today, November 14th, is World Diabetes Day. For whatever reason, I was inspired to Google some new blogs and I was curious if I could find a few from people like me living with Type 1 diabetes. Well, I found more than a few!! I found hundreds."

December: Merry Christmas!!
"I know I'm late (what's new, right?) but I did want to hop on the world wide web and be sure to wish every one out there a very Merry Christmas."

Here's to a happy, healthy, wonderful (and hopefully less eventful) 2009!!
Happy New Year!

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