Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bath Update #2

Ok, so the madness is calming down. (Thank the Lord!) And the bathroom is really coming along. There were a few more snags, so we ended up having to exchange the vanity and the vanity top we had for a different size (no biggie, they have them in stock) and pick out another light fixture. We finished all that up today and even though I was pretty disappointed about the having to get a new light fixture (it was one of my favorite things we had picked for the room), I actually think the new one we picked on the fly looks great in the space.

The worst news so far is that we won't be done for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was our (perhaps unrealistic) goal to be done by then but since we are hosting an early Thanksgiving tomorrow, we couldn't have the guys working any longer. The good news is that we have a toilet for guests (yay for the return of two functioning bathrooms!!) and the vast majority of the work is done. The ugly tile is gone, the drywall is hung and painted, we have new crown molding and new shower and floor tile. Also, the new toilet and light fixture have been installed. The crew is returning Monday to put in the vanity and counter-top, hang the mirror and install the fixtures (toilet paper holder, towel bar, etc).

I can see the finish line!! Woo hoo!! Until then, here are some updated pics of the progress for your viewing pleasure:

Entrance view (hard to see everything since the door is back on the hinges).

New shower and tile with new faucet/showerhead fixtures and new paint and crown molding.

Opposite corner of the bathroom (on the other side of the toilet).

This is where the vanity is going. And you can see the new (last minute) light fixture.

New floor tile. I love that it's the large 18x18 tiles!

That's it for now! Just one more day of work left and we'll have a finished bathroom. Can't wait!!


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