Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I just realized that I promised pics of our outdoor Halloween decorations and never delivered! Last week, I was just about to bug Brad to get off his butt and take them down when I remembered! Whew! So I tried to go out and snap a few pics of our decorations to share with you. The sun was quickly setting as I was snapping away so forgive the blurriness and weird exposures. Enjoy!

Each year, we keep adding a little more to our outdoor decorations collection (much to Brad's dismay since he hates hanging them up). And this year we had some great ideas. (A hanging skeleton on the porch! Ghosts strung up in the tree next to the drive was! A big, icky spider in the web above the garage!). But since we got such a late start (Ahem! Please see: Brad likes to procrastinate!) it seems like everywhere was either sold out of the decorations we wanted or just didn't have them. It was slim pickin's this year.

So we bought a string of spider lights for the porch and that's it. The rest was stuff we already had. But next year we WILL be on the ball. I'm bound and determined (especially for the baby girl's FIRST Halloween) to have the "cool" house on the street, the ones where kids are excited to come and trick or treat!

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