Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stop the madness!

So, I've had my house destroyed and turned upside down and inside out this week with this stupid bath remodel. No one likes their house to be a construction zone but for some reason it's getting to me even more than I thought it would. I keep telling myself it's going to look great but in the meantime me and my OCD/Type A/Neat-freak nature are going crazy. I've been off work for several days and scheduled this job so that it would happen while I was home so that I could open my house for the guys and be there if they needed anything. Unfortunately, that also means I've been completely immersed in the madness without much opportunity for escape. Not to mention all the other stuff I have going on while they guys are here and after they leave (baby shower planning, doctors appointments, wokring on the nursery, etc) and I'm running from sun-up to sun-down. My nerves are totally fried

I have men tracking through my house with dirty shoes, drywall dust settling on every surface that exists within the walls of my house, plastic tarp taped down through out the house that just seems to catch the dirt so that we can spread it everywhere, my dog is going bananas all day long and the noise is deafening!!! And every day when they leave, I have to clean up after them so my house is livable again that night, cook dinner, run any errands and help Brad with the nursery once he gets home. (Why, oh why, are we doing two home projects at the same time?!?)

I've had 5 days off from work and, today being my first day back at work, I'm almost looking forward to it. Somehow after this week, being in an ICU all day with screaming babies and cranky doctors seems almost calm and relaxing. Hmmm . . . ?

OH! And did I mention it's taking longer than they expected? In large part, due to some unforeseen complications with the plumbing and a vanity top that won't arrive until next week. . . . Meanwhile, Sunday (today) was supposed to be the last day of the job and now they are talking about needing to be here on Wednesday!?!? Uh, hello?!? I'm having Thanksgiving at my house on Wednesday (because I work on Thanksgiving day). And while I'm really not happy with not having my guest bath back by then, I could live with that part. What I can't live with a construction crew stomping through my house during the Thanksgiving festivities.

Ugh. Can I sit down and cry now? I just want my calm, peaceful house back! I feel like I'm developing a tick. And this is apparently the rambling, kvetching, annoying person who I turn into when I can't seem to regain some semblance of calm and control. Please pardon the crazy!

For your enjoyment, here are some photos of the madness:

Guest Bath (Before)

No more tile!

New Shower Tile

We moved an outlet, very exciting!

The mess in the hall. Yuck.

This is actually after they've left and "cleaned up" their stuff. I can see the bathroom coming along and so far I'm really happy with it, I'm just ready to have my house (and my sanity) back now!

Ok, rant over.


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  1. ugh I freakin' hate construction at the house! It always leaves me restless. I have a crazy obsession with having a clean house and all the dirt being dragged around on work boots makes me twitch.