Monday, November 29, 2010


O. M. G.

I was planning on posting a 32 week update today. (I'm 32 weeks and 3 days as of today.) I took pics and everything. But I am so ridiculously slammed at work today, I have no time to do anything. Not even eat. Not even sit. It's ridiculous. It's been like this since before the holiday but it got really bad for my shift on Thanksgiving. I've been b!tching/venting to my poor husband and I know he's sick of it but we really need more help.

Anyhoo, this is the first free second I've had all day, so I'm posting about how busy I am so that I don't have to sit and write a real post. I'll try to post an update (as in a real update) tomorrow if I'm not passed out all day after such an intense 25 hour shift.

Wish me luck that I survive until tomorrow morning. And (more importantly) that I actually manage to make it through my dinner without getting paged to the unit or called to a delivery.

Off to eat now!


  1. I always feel slammed at the holiday season. It always just feels nuts! And being preggers (especially this preggers) is super hard. You're not alone! :)

  2. So I know I already commented on this but I didn't have your email address and I wanted to reply to a comment you left on my post for dancing with pg chicks- YOU ARE SO FUNNY! And it is SO TRUE! lol I miss our old hugs too :(

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