Saturday, November 13, 2010

Guest Bath: Before

So as much as I love my house, I have always hated the guest bath. Unfortunately, since it's bigger than the master bath, we are in there a lot. And I'm sure this will only get worse once the baby comes. Re-doing this bathroom has been on our "Project List" for the house since we moved in almost 2 years ago. But because we use it so much and it would be a huge hassle if it weren't available to use (not to mention the expense), we've been putting it off.

No more!

With the little girl coming, it just felt like we really needed to get this done. As Brad put it, it will never be easier to get this done than before she's here. Afterward, it will only be harder!

What do we hate about it? Well, the most obvious thing, the biggest eyesore, is the ugly green tile that lines the walls. It wraps around the entire bathroom and even extends into the tub/shower. It even has matching green porcelain fixtures (towel bar and toilet paper holder) built into the wall with it. (YUCK!) We've had people tell us it's not that bad and that we could use it to our advantage if we wanted to go with a beach theme, tropical theme, etc. For some reason, I just can't get past it. I hate it and I don't want to work with it. Plus, none of the decor in my house goes with it. It. Must. Go.

The second biggest eyesore is the vanity. It's white and the trim inside the doors are painted the same green as the tile. (Ew.) It's probably original to the house and it shows. I love drawers in a bathroom so I'm not constantly stooping to dig for my brush, hairdryer, curling iron, etc. This vanity has one drawer and it's too shallow to fit anything so I still have to store all my stuff in the cabinet under the sink. Blech. Not a fan.

So, as crazy as this may sound, we are tackling this project head on in the next week. We have a family friend who renovated my mom's entire rental property for her over the summer and did a great job. He's giving us a great deal and can be in and out in under a week. (He's even thinking it'll be more like 4 days!!) We are demo-ing the entire bathroom and getting a new vanity, toilet, floor and walls. And our walls will actually be normal drywall!! The only thing we are keeping is the tub but even it will have a new tile surround, faucet and showerhead.

I'm so glad this project is getting done soon but I'm a little nervous. I feel a little nuts for tackling this project now of all times at 31 weeks pregnant, working full time, preparing for Thanksgiving and my baby shower(s) at the same time. Bad timing on our part, huh? Oh well, I'm just glad in a couple weeks it'll be done and I'll have a pretty new bathroom! YAY!! No worries, I'll be sure to update when it's finished!!


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  1. Too funny, once again we have something in ugly bathroom. I have to say though, mine beats yours by a mile. We are actually going to be demo-ing it and redoing before the baby comes also. :) It is really crazy how much we have in common. I'll have to post some pics soon.