Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I just realized since my post about the bathroom remodel that I have NO house pictures posted on here. I thought for sure I did but I looked and looked and can't find any. So when I say that my hideous bathroom has nothing in common with the look and feel of the rest of my house, you have no idea what I mean!

So I decided to post a quick tour for Wordless Wednesday. Enjoy!

The outside. Usually there is a Gator flag up but I must have taken this NOT during college football season. :-)

Our front porch/courtyard, the view from the front door.

Living Room. Right next to our front door. The window faces our courtyard.

More Living Room.

Raina, in "her" spot.

Dining Room, right off the living room, which is behind me in this shot.

More Dining Room.

Kitchen, off the dining room. (You can see it through the doorway.)

More Kitchen. The "den' is behind me in this shot, don't know why I never got a pic of it?

Back porch and patio (and Brad's beloved grill).

Master Bedroom. There is more decoration in there now but this was taken shortly after we'd moved in.

Our (messy) office.

Guest Bath. (YUCK!)

And, finally! The guest bedroom! It was blue when we moved in and it went perfectly with my guest bedroom bedding that we already had. THIS room will be the nursery! And if we'd had a boy the base color would have been perfect! (It was a little boy's room for the family who lived here before us.) But it's just as fun to start from scratch!!

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