Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm in Jacksonville with my husband working this Thanksgiving but I'm still super thankful for so many wonderful things in my life:

* For my friends and family, who have known and loved and supported Brad and I for years.

* For my mom and grandmother who I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with yesterday. I love them so much.

* For Raina who, despite the barking, freak-outs and all her eccentricities, is still one of the smartest, sweetest, most cuddly dogs ever. She'll be such a good big sister!

* For Brad who, despite his crummy sense of direction and uncanny ability to drive me crazy on occasion, is still the most wonderful person I know. He has been an amazing husband and I can't wait to see him hold our daughter and be the amazing dad that I know he can't wait to be.

* And for my little girl who, after only existing for 7 months, has already made her Daddy and I fall so hard in love with her and changed our hearts, our marriage and and our lives for the better. I love you so much, pumpkin, and I can't wait to meet you face to face!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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