Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I'm completley unable to post a picture without giving any description. What can I say? Being succinct is just NOT in my nature.

So to explain: I didn't post any ultrasound pics from my last scan because we just didn't get any god/clear pictures of her with that scan. The tech saw all the body parts she needed to, was able to get all her measurements and re-confirmed that she's (still) a girl! But as far as face or body pics. . . nada. Our baby girl is very uncooperative during her scans! Oh well.

BUT the time before that, at my 21 week scan, not only did we get a few great shots but I also got video! It was the first ultrasound that Brad couldn't be there for and I hated that he was missing it. So I asked the tech if she could try her best to get a few great shots of the baby for him. Instead, she offered to record a DVD of the entire ultrasound!! It was $10 but SO worth it!!

The entire video is about 24 minutes long and in it they go through most of the baby's anatomy (which was cool for me but probably not anyone else) and they went especially in-depth with her heart scan (called an Echo), again super cool for me. I wanted to add this short clip from the beginning of the ultrasound where they were able to get a great shot of her profile and face. A few times you can even see her sucking and moving her mouth!! Toward the end, you'll also see the very beginning of her Echo.


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