Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!!

Today Brad and I are spending the day with my family and we'll be making our small, potluck Thanksgiving lunch. I'm excited about cooking a fun meal and looking forward to spending some quality time with my mom and grandmother. And, in an exciting new development . . . . afterward, "Grandma" (my mom) will take "the kid" (Raina, the dog) and watch her while Brad and I head off to Jacksonville for a weird (but fun) 36 hours of work/Thanksgiving activities.

The plan: Right about the time she suggested our Thanksgiving plans, my mom offered to watch Raina so that Brad and I could take off to Jacksonville a little early. We'd stay in a hotel the first night and Brad would be able to take me to work the next morning and relax and hang out in the hotel during the day and then visit me that night for another "Thanksgiving dinner" and drive home with me the next day. It may sound strange but why not? It makes my life a lot easier and gives Brad something to do on Thanksgiving when he's other wise be sitting home alone!

I am actually really looking forward to today and my strange adventure in Jacksonville with my husband. I will get to have (another) nice dinner out with Brad the night before I work and then we'll go back to our comfy hotel (much more comfy I'm sure than our construction zone of a house) and relax for the night. And it will be so nice to get up at 6:45 am for work (instead of 5am) and have a 15 minute drive to work (instead of 2 hours) and to have my husband visit me at work for Thanksgiving "dinner" at the hospital cafeteria (YUM?) and even get to show him around the place I've worked for nearly a year that he's never actually laid eyes on! Maybe I'm a dork but this little arrangement is really going to make working on Thanksgiving a lot more fun. If I have to work on a holiday how nice is it that I can get a visit from the hubs?

And the best part? At the end of my shift, Brad will pick me up from work and DRIVE ME HOME! And if I'm beat? I can go to sleep on the way!! No worries that I'll be up all night working my tail off and have to drive 2 hours home after a rough shift! Whoopee!!!

So I'll be cooking and driving and just generally be all over the place today. Before that I wanted to wish everyone a very happy (early) Thanksgiving!

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