Monday, November 2, 2009

Can we say busy?

Okay so today ws not such a good second day for NaBloPoMo. I came to work this morning and found that my assignment was in one of my favorite rooms. The twin room is oh, so quiet, oh, so calm and really lends itself to a relaxing day at work with the babies. Which, in turn, should hve lent itself nicely to me havig pleny of time to write my daily blog post.

Today? Not so much. No one told my babies that Halloween is over. Because I had little twin girls "trick-or-treating" me all day long with the alarms, the dings, the xrays, the ultrasounds, the tubes, the wires, ventilators facing the wrong direction, monitors out of reach . . . this room, this assigment, and these poor little girls were a hot mess.

And now, near the end of my shift, so am I. Not to mention I am currently typing on a mobile laptop station that is uber-ghetto and is currently missing 3 keys with several more on the fritz. So please forgive the spelling errors. And the lack of an actual interesting post.

But hey! I posted!! Go me!

Until tomorrow,

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