Friday, November 27, 2009


I'm exhausted. Between getting ready for and hosting Thanksgiving earlier this week and then working yesterday (the actual holiday) and today, I feel like I just got through running a friggin' marathon. I even came close to falling asleep on my husband on the couch after dinner! We were going to go straight to bed when I realized, "DOH!" I've still got to post.

Not too much to post about, though. Today was another day at work. Love working with the lovely ladies at the NICU and when you have the right crew at work it makes a world of difference and today it was a whole lot of fun! Even still it was a long day and I'm very tired.

Also I realized today that I just suck. Yesterday I forgot about two really important things that I'm thankful for. Double "DOH!" These are probably the two most important things in my life. Here they are:


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