Friday, November 6, 2009

Intro to Vlog

So this is my first official vlog. I made it weeks (months?) ago and never actually got around to posting it. Why, you ask? Probably the same reason I hardly ever post anything. Big ideas, good intentions, bad follow-through.

No more! That's what NaBloPoMo is all about. Changing bad habits, right? Right! In some ways I guess it's good that my follow-through sucks because it means I have a bunch of draft-posts to work with all through November. Procrastination (at it's finest) finally pays off!

Anywhoooo . . . this is from way-back-when all the DOC-ers were doing the purse-diving vlog. I absolutely loved watching everyone's vlog. Maybe it's the inner voyeur in me or maybe it's because I saw so many similarities between other purse-carrying diabetics and myself. But in addition to the similarities I saw the little differences in how others do things. It put me to shame, really, because I felt like I was way less prepared than the average bear, uh, diabetic.

So, without further delay (except for the usual disclaimer about incessant rambling and please disregard the fact that I sound like I'm 12 yrs old), I present to you my first vlog. Enjoy.


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