Thursday, November 26, 2009

What am I thankful for?

I am at work right now but I am thankful that the crew I am working with is the "cool crew." ;-) We are actually having a good time today and my coworkers brought in a wonderful feast of goodies for lunch today! And we had an awesome charge today who was trying to coordinate a big Gator-filled spirit day tomorrow in honor of the rivalry game on Saturday. Why tomorrow you ask? Well, I asked too since tomorrow is Friday and the game is Saturday! She said, well, because we are all working tomorrow and should show our spirit! Good answer! She's even wrangling non-Gator folks into the fun! I love it. And since I'm always down for anything Gator-fied so we will all be decked out in our Gator gear tomorrow!

I am also thankful that my Thanksgiving celebration with the fam yesterday went really well! And everything was delish! (Except for the turkey but I'm not a big turkey fan which is why I just had ham. But, from the peeps who actually like turkey, I heard it was good!) I also now have a fridge full of leftovers, which both my husband and I are thankful for! Because it means that he has a weekend of double-meat sandwiches ahead of him (have you not heard? Brad is a carnivore to the nth degree!) and it also means that I don't have to cook for a while, which is always good news when I'm working!! :-D

But seriously, yesterday was a very exciting for us. It was really nice to have both of our families with us all together to celebrate a holiday. Everyone got along great, the conversation was fun and it was just a good time. And of course I got to do my favorite thing and play hostess and cook yummy food. I was so excited to put the leaf in our table and see it set with the candles lit. It made me feel like such an adult. Which is weird since I'm 27 but I seriously feel like a big kid sometimes. Brad and I were so happy at the end of the day yesterday, even cleaning up we were talking about how much fun it was and how well it went. And I officially started piping Christmas carols into the house during clean-up because Thanksgiving is over. . . .which means it's officially Christmas season!!! And that makes me happy.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is having and happy and safe Thanksgiving!

PS: For anyone who is curious, I woke up low yesterday morning (48) and had a crazy rebound high (421! WTF!?!) and all that was before the Thanksgiving meal! But we ate around 1pm and for the rest of the day my sugars behaved nicely!


  1. Oh wait! Am I the "cool" charge??? That's the FIRST time I have ever heard that but cool!!
    Bring on the Gator Gear and we ( being part of the cool club ) will ROCK it tomorrow!! Sleep tight.

  2. Oh shut up Robin! You know you are awesome! Stop fishing for (more) compliments! ;-)