Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Meme

So there is something coming up that I'm actually very nervous about. And, no, for once I'm not talking about my new job! This year I will be working on Thanksgiving day and the Friday after. Bummer, I know. But since this is also our first year in our house I thought it worked out perfectly to host our first Thanksgiving! On Thanksgiving day our families will still be having their separate holidays but they are all coming together to celebrate with Brad and I on Wednesday. And I say it works out perfectly because I seriously doubt that in this stage in my life either of our families would hand the Thanksgiving hosting over to me except that if they don't allow me to host my own little get together I'll be completely Thanksgiving-less.

I'm actually really, really excited about it but since it's my first year hosting we are keeping it small. It will just be us, Brad's parents and my mom and grandmother. So only six, which for me seems small. Also our parents are being kind enough to bring over some dishes with them . And I think it will be the first holiday that our families will be spending together rather than us just making the rounds to everyone's houses. All very exciting!

I don't know why I'm so anxious about this but I am. I really enjoy hosting and cooking and entertaining and I'm a perfectionist to boot. Plus Thanksgiving seems like the ultimate hosting job! It's is hyped up to be this very important (and very involved) meal for the whole family and I just want everyone to enjoy my "Thanksgiving" as much as they would there own. I've already started preparations for the day of and I'll let you all know how it goes! Wish me luck!

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I've seen this meme floating around on a few DOC blogs here and there and I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring. Hope you enjoy!


1. What are the traditional favorites?

Well, I'm not much of a turkey person (but we have it every year 'cuz of tradition and all that) but I really love all the sides. Especially the bread (honey yeast rolls) and dessert!

2. What new recipes will you try this year?

Since this is my first year cooking, I guess you could say that the turkey is my "new recipe" since I've never cooked a whole turkey before. Since I'm not in love with turkey I'm adding ham to the menu. Other than that I'm sticking to dishes I've made before. I figured that was a safe bet since I'm a newb. Oh! But I am making a new recipe for dessert; pear and almond tart! YUM! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

3. What part of the meal do you never compromise?

I got to many different get-togethers (two immediate families, extended family and friends, etc) and there is different stuff at each one. My family is mostly southern, Brad's family usually throw in a dish or two that we normally wouldn't and with my friends, you never know. I guess the one thing that is common to them all is turkey! And maybe mashed potatoes.

4. Who gets to carve the turkey?

Usually it's the man of the house. I guess this year it will be my husband. That's so exciting!

5. Family style around the table or buffet style and everyone sits wherever there’s room?

Probably buffet style from the kitchen mostly because there will be so much food that it won't all fit on the table. But we do always put the rolls, butter, and gravy on the table.

6. How many will be at your table this year?

Six of us: me, Brad, my mom and grandmother and Brad's mom and dad. And Raina, too, if you count under the table.

7. Three best pies for Thanksgiving dessert?

Pumpkin pie, pecan pie and (hopefully) my pear pie!

8. Cranberry sauce… yay or nay?

Nah. Not a huge fan.

9. What time do you eat Thanksgiving Dinner?

My family always does any kind of holiday meal (including Thanksgiving) in the early afternoon, usually 1-2pm. I've always secretly thought that we do it to justify us grazing for the rest of the day on the leftovers.

10. Favorite leftover?

I like leftovers but I can't say that I have a favorite. I really just like not having to cook for several days after because even when we don't host Thanksgiving all the 'rents insist on sending us home with tons of food. But my husband LOVES all the turkey, ham and turkey-ham sandwiches that he can make in the days following Thanksgiving.

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