Tuesday, November 17, 2009

National Prematurity Awareness Day

Ok. I feel like this is starting to get ridiculous. It seems like November is a very popular month for causes . . . at least causes that are very relevant to me. And, like the slacker I am, I just found out that today is National Prematurity Awareness Day. (Kinda like last year when I found out about World Diabetes Day on November 14th?!?)

As most of you know by know prematurity and otherwise sick infants is a passion of mine as well as a career for me. I follow a lot of preemie-parent blogs, some of these babies I've actually taken care of and others I found through the grapevine and the babies or parents captured my attention (read: heart).

So today I was reading Three Cheers for Babies (a blog by the wonderful parents of triplets who lost on of their little girls in the NICU) and it was there that I learned about National Prematurity Awareness Month (November) and Day (November 17). (And, yes, I was at work today reading my blogroll . . . what's your point?)

So, just like diabetes, I know that prematurity does not affect everyone out there. But if you are a mom/dad, mom/dad-to-be or ever plan on having a family, please visit the March of Dimes website and learn about what you can do to make your baby and your pregnancy as healthy as possible.

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