Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Raina Vlogs

Okay, so I forgot to mention one pretty cute, crazy and hysterical thing that Raina does. Well, Brad and I think it's funny . . .

To explain this vlog here is some background: Raina loves going outside. We have to keep her on the leash at first so that she will focus on going potty rather than all the other wonderful distractions that the outdoors brings. But once she has potty'd and is at last granted freedom, she is in absolute doggy heaven. She romps and runs around, weaves in, out and around the bushes, barks at squirrel, birds, leaves and (her favorite) she hunts.

We aren't really sure what she is hunting but it certainly lives in the bushes and shrubs. And this hunting mostly consists of her diving , yes DIVING head-first into the bushes in search of her prey? Our best guess is that she's going after the lizards that scurry in every direction at her approach. What she will do with them when she catches one is anyone's guess. In fact I'm not sure even she knows. It's pretty funny to watch this hunt and probably the cutest part is how fast her little tail (nub) wags as she digs around into the bushes. You can just tell how exciting it all is for her. I guess it's nice to have a hobby! :-)

This isn't a particularly great example of her hunting prowess but it's the only video we've managed to capture.


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